We have a fantastic team who support and encourage all the children to be the best they can be.

Principal                                   Sue Heath
Deputy Principal                     Jodie Howard
Room 1                          Jodie Howard - Y5/6
Room 10                        Jean Padget - Y1/2
Room 3                          Karen McLeod/Tom Merrall - Y1/2
Room 4                          Estelle Moore -  New Entrant/Y1
Room 5                          Danielle Meyer-Budge - Y3
Room 6                          Hannah Carter - Y4/5
Room 7                          Raihania Chadwick - Y4/5
Room 8                          Samantha Allison - Y4/5
Room 9 Becky McLean - Y2
Specialist Teacher     Lorraine Irvine
                                       Karen Ruddenklau
Lucy Fullerton
Reading Recovery     Tracey Joyce
                              Support Staff
Office Administrator   Leanne Harling
Teacher Aides              Rosy Hogg
        Matt Ingman
                    Rachel Wright
                    Sarah Hardy
Cleaners                        Alyson Roxby
Beverley Hopgood
Grounds                         Doug Brenssell

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