Whaia te iti kahurangi

Together, we will help all children develop the competencies necessary for them to be active seekers, users and creators of knowledge. To achieve our vision we will focus on the 4 threads of learning. These threads are the pedagogy (beliefs) behind the curriculum delivery at Hāwea Flat School and are developed across the levels of the school. Through the implementation of these threads, our students will be actively engaged learners who experience success. To enable this to happen we will engage with our community to create a school in which everyone is valued, included and has the opportunity to contribute.

1. Ready to know: We want our students to achieve more than just factual knowledge. They will learn how to learn and develop the attitudes and skills to think creatively, critically, logically and reflectively to make connections and establish relationships.

2. Ready to do: Our students will develop skills to be effective communicators, work as a team member, transform knowledge into innovations, take risks and resolve and manage conflict.

3. Ready to live together: Our students will build knowledge and understanding of self and others and appreciate diversity. They will develop the skills to connect, communicate, cooperate and collaborate with others, demonstrating empathy, respect and tolerance. We want them to be globally connected citizens who contribute to our community in a socially and culturally appropriate way.

4. Ready to be: Our students will develop the qualities, values and skills needed to have a strong sense of identity and character – respect, responsibility, personal commitment, imagination, creativity, memory, reasoning, aesthetic sense, physical capacity and social skills.


While modelling, encouraging and exploring the values in the NZ Curriculum, Hāwea Flat School will encourage the 4 R’s in our students.

Our 4 R’s:

Show Respect for myself, others and property.

Take Responsibility for myself and my learning.

Demonstrate Resilience in challenging situations

Be Reflective in everything I do

We believe in:

● Educating the whole child

● Providing a range of rich, authentic learning experiences

● Actively engaging the child in the learning process

● Professional learning for teachers

● Community involvement in the school