In the event of your child being absent, you are required to contact the school prior to the start of the day (9 am) and notify office staff of the reason.  Messages can be left on (03) 4431467 or A daily check is made on unexplained absences.  It is important to remember that once a child is enrolled in school, they are legally required to attend on a daily basis. Poor attendance can contribute to poor achievement.


After school care

There are several options locally for after school care and activities. For all of these, please contact the provider directly to arrange for your child. This is not done through the school.


●       Wānaka Kids Club ( - after school care Monday to Friday at Wānaka Primary School. Kids Club staff pick children up from Hāwea Flat School at 2.45 and you pick your child up from in town at the end of the session.


After school activities

●       Aspiring Ballet School - classes held in the Hāwea Flat Community Hall, over the road from school from 3pm. Contact Miranda / Natalia at Aspiring Ballet School via Facebook.

●       Hāwea Karate - held in the Hāwea Flat Community Hall, over the road from school on Tuesdays. Contact Tania: or via Facebook.



Whole school assemblies are an opportunity to celebrate student successes and share class activities. Parents/caregivers are very welcome to attend. Assembly information will be noted on the weekly newsletter.



Never miss important school information again! The school has a school app called Skool Loop which can be downloaded to your phone via the Play store and App store. Search ‘Skool Loop NZ’ and choose our school once installed. You are able to advise us of your child’s absences using the app as well as reading the weekly newsletter and receiving school notices.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, as the school’s governing authority, is responsible for ensuring the school complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The Board of Trustees (BOT) decides matters of school policy and supports the principal and management team in its day-to-day management of the school.

The full Board meets each month at 6.00 pm in the school meeting room.  Dates are advertised in the school newsletter.  All parents are welcome to attend.  

2023 BOT Members

Corey Wilson Chairperson chairperson@hā

Julia Cragg             Staff Rep juliabot@hā    

Tania Pringle Principal principal@hā

Dana Smith Staff Rep danas@hā

Sian Watts Secretary sianw@hā

Jo Goodwin Staff Rep jobot@hā

Paul Collins         Staff Rep paulbot@hā

Aaron Johnstone Staff Rep aaronbot@hā 


The school controls three bus routes:

Children must travel on the bus they are eligible for, i.e., the closest bus stop to your house will be the bus you are eligible for.  Children are not permitted to switch buses. A high standard of behaviour is expected from the pupils while travelling on buses.  

Children are to remain seated (where possible) throughout the journey. Waiting for the bus, children should wait clear away from the roadside. After getting off, children must wait until the bus has departed before moving away from the identified safe spot. Children are supervised until the bus departs from school.

If parents collect bus children from school, or alter any arrangement, you need to ensure children are removed from the bus list before lunchtime each day and inform the office staff. 

A conveyance allowance is a payment made directly to a caregiver's nominated bank account to contribute to the cost of transporting a student to school, or in some instances a bus stop. Students may be eligible if there isn't a school bus available, or they live more than 2.4km from the nearest school bus route. Please contact the school office if you would like an application form for the conveyance allowance.

Details of times and each bus route can be obtained from the office.


Cycling to School

The school strongly recommends only children 9 years and older cycle to school alone. This is based upon NZ Police recommendations. These guidelines also stipulate that a child can only cycle to school if their parents/caregivers are confident that their child is able to do so safely. Helmets must be worn and must be fitted correctly. Bikes are to remain in the bike racks while at school. 


Contacting the School/Concerns and Complaints

We value and welcome discussion and contact with parents and caregivers about their child. We believe that by working together, our students are positively supported and can make the most of their opportunities.


We welcome any queries and concerns, no matter how big or small, that you may have about the school, your child and their learning and will endeavour to provide you with an answer as soon as possible after hearing from you.  If you have a query or concern about your child’s class or work, or about social or behaviour problems, you should first contact the class teacher and discuss the matter with them.


If you are not satisfied with the answer provided or the action taken by the teacher, you should make an appointment to discuss the matter with the associated team leader and then with the principal if needed.

A copy of the complaints and concerns flow diagram is included in your information pack. 


Dental Clinic

Dental care is free to all students under the age of 18. All school dental therapists are based at Wanaka Primary School, situated at 7 Ironside Drive in Wanaka. If you have concerns about your child’s teeth or for urgent problems with your child’s dental health you can contact the Dental Hub by phone (03) 443 7185.


 Education Outside the Classroom

Trips/camps are an integral part of the curriculum. There will be a variety of opportunities during your child’s time at Hāwea Flat School.  The skills the children develop during these trips/camps often cannot be gained inside a classroom and are beneficial.  Where the activity involves costs to parents, a letter will be sent home in advance in detail. Payment for school camps are required before departure, unless a payment plan has been arranged with the school. Parents are encouraged to assist with these programmes. Often more parents than required, volunteer to go on overnight camps and generally in these situations, parents are drawn ‘out of the hat’ to attend.



Parents/caregivers who wish to enrol their children in school can do so by arranging an appointment with the principal, through the office.  Where the child is a new entrant, it is recommended this be done some weeks prior to the expected start date.


Hāwea Flat School operates a cohort entry policy, which allows new entrants (after they turn five) to start school in cohort groups on the first day of the term, or at a mid-point during the term, rather than individually on each child’s 5th birthday. We feel cohort entry allows new entrants an easier transition to school and helps them build relationships with their fellow new entrants and other students already in the class.


Leading up to the entry of a cohort, the school will run a transition to school programme. This programme runs for part of a day once a week, for approximately 5 weeks prior to your child starting. During this time the children work with a teacher, focusing on getting ready for school as well as class visits.


Once a child is formally enrolled at school they must attend school regularly. Children must be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday.

When enrolling their child, parents are reminded they must bring their child’s birth certificate and immunisation certificates with them.


Extra-Curricular Activities

There are various after school care options, activities and sports available for children from Hāwea Flat School to take part in. For further information, please ask at the school office and keep a watch out in the school newsletter and on the school Facebook page.



Hāwea Flat School runs a Facebook page as a way to share and celebrate some of the wonderful things happening at our school. This is a private/managed group page.

To join, please search Hāwea Flat School on Facebook, complete the questions and send a membership request.


Financial Assistance

As a school,  we understand that there are times when finances are tight. There are various options for payment of school related costs. Please contact the office to discuss these options, which include automatic payments. For all information regarding your financial requirements please refer to :



Friends of Hāwea Flat School (Formally the PTA)

Hāwea Flat School has a very energetic Friends group who work in close liaison with the school. In recent years this group has worked to fund the purchase of a wide range of things that have enhanced the facilities/programmes used by the students.

Fundraising events include the biannual ‘Fair’, helping at major events in the area and a stall at the A&P Show.


The continuation of this enthusiastic group is dependent on your support.  If you are willing to assist, please contact the school office for more information or contact the Friends Secretary via email:


GATE – (Gifted and Talented Education)

Children who are identified as gifted or talented in specific areas will be offered opportunities to extend their skills, as resources are available. The school is currently reviewing the programmes being offered.


Hot Lunches 

There are food warming facilities available during Terms 2 and 3 so children can have a hot lunch. Food items need to be in a heat-proof wrapper with the child’s name and room number on it and be given to their teacher at the beginning of the day.  Silicone pouches are ideal for this as opposed to single use tinfoil. We have a few for sale in the office.

Ideal items include pies, pizza and toasties. Do not send items that include chicken, as food is only heated to a child-safe temperature.



Any child injured at school or who is feeling unwell is sent to the medical room/office to be attended by the person in charge. 

If a child is to be sent home, parents are phoned and arrangements made for the child to be collected. Under no circumstances are sick children sent home unaccompanied, nor would they be left at home on their own.


If a child urgently requires the attention of a doctor, the school will notify the child’s parents. If contact is unable to be made, we will take the child to the doctor.



Before using the computers in the school, all staff and students are required to read and agree to the school cyber safety agreement. This is done upon enrolment.


Upon enrolment, students will be allocated an email address that will allow them to access the school calendars, files, etc, through gmail. They will also be allocated a logon to the school google drive. This will allow students to continue work at home.


Screen time is very limited for junior students, and for all other children, is restricted to learning situations only.



By law, all students must attend school during its open hours. At Hāwea Flat School  this is 9.00am to 2.45 pm. Hāwea Flat firmly believes that a child should arrive at least 15 minutes before the morning lessons begin at 9 am. This gives the child an opportunity to prepare both mentally and physically for the school day. Lateness is not only disrupting for the child but for their class and teacher as well.


Learning Support

Hāwea Flat aims to meet each student’s academic, social and physical needs.  Often to do this we offer adaptive programmes or extra help.  You will be notified if your child is involved in this. Dana Smith and Tracey Joyce oversee all learning support at Hāwea Flat School



The school library is fully computerised and contains a wide range of books and resources. Children will visit the library weekly as part of their classroom programmes. Parents can assist by ensuring children return books to school. There will be charges for the replacement of books not returned.


Lost Property

It is essential that all clothing and personal items are clearly named. All items of found property are placed in the wooden box outside Room 8.  At the end of each term, unclaimed items will be donated to charity. 



We have a healthy food policy in place, where we encourage children to bring healthy food options for snacks and lunch. Children are expected to eat their sandwiches (or equivalent) and fruit before going to play at lunchtime. They are allowed to leave treat foods such as biscuits, bars and chips. We discourage foods that are processed and have a high sugar content and sweets / lollies are not permitted at school. Teachers do check lunch boxes before letting the children go to play. We request NO peanut butter to be used due to high allergy concerns at the school.


We are a water only school. If a child brings juice, etc, they will be asked not to drink it until after school. Children need to have a water bottle at school at all times.



Should your child be required to take medication during school hours, the school must be advised and the appropriate consent form completed.  Medication must be handed in to the school office and it will be administered from there as needed.



Internet banking is the preferred option when money needs to be paid to the school for stationery, outings, activities, etc. The school bank account information is: Hāwea Flat School, 02 0900 0000647 00.  Please always quote your child's name as a reference and possibly what the payment is for in the code field.



Newsletters are an important way of communicating with each family and are sent out on a Tuesday.  These are emailed via mail chimp. To subscribe to the newsletter emails, go to the newsletter tab on the school website and click subscribe:



At times students have notices/forms to be returned to the office. These should be placed on the office counter before 8.45 am, by the due date as advised in the notice.


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (Learning Korero)

The purpose of these conferences is to share and discuss your child’s development, progress and achievement. These are booked via an online system and notice will be sent when bookings are open,  prior to the conference dates.

Opportunities for conferences will be mid Term 1 and at the beginning of Term 3.  During each conference, it is hoped goals for your child will be agreed upon.  Teachers are available to discuss your child’s progress outside of these scheduled times – please contact the office to arrange a time.  Staff are also available after school each day to discuss day-to-day activities.


Personal Property

Toys, smart watches, cell phones, MP3 players and personal equipment should remain at home. These items can cause frictions and distractions at school. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of any item bought to school. Children who need to bring a cell phone for use after school should hand it into the office prior to the beginning of the day and collect it again at 2.45pm.



School photos are taken by a professional photographer on an annual basis, usually in Term 4.  Parents will be notified prior to this taking place.


Public Health Nurse

A Public Health Nurse visits the school on a regular basis.  If you would like an appointment with them, you can do this through the school office or contact the Public Health Service directly.


Reporting to Parents

In addition to parent/student/teacher conferences, children receive written reports twice a year. These are both summative and informative reports, that focus on progress and next steps for your child.

School Hours 

The school hours are as follows: -

9 am Classes commence for the day.

10.30 -11am Morning Interval

12.45 – 1.30 pm Lunch Break

2.45 pm Classes finish

The school office is open during the following times: -

Monday 8.30 – 3.30 pm

Tuesday 8.30 – 3.30 pm

Wednesday 8.30 – 3.30 pm

Thursday 8.30 – 3.30 pm

Friday 8.30 – 3.30 pm

Scholastic Book Club 

Once a term, pamphlets are distributed to children advertising suitable books for your child.  If you wish to order any of these, please order online at Scholastic using the LOOP system before the closing date. Parents are under no obligation to purchase any books.


School Donations + Fees

While education in New Zealand is 'free' to children attending school, the reality is that schools do not receive sufficient funding to provide everything that we wish the children to experience.  Our school is rated decile 10, which means we don't receive as much funding from the Ministry of Education as schools with a lower decile rating. The BOT sets an annual budget based on the priorities identified in the strategic plan and allocates funds accordingly.  For the budget to balance, the BOT relies on income from other sources, e.g. grants and donations from individuals or organisations.


The BOT is asking for families to help off-set some of the cost of activities that enhance children’s learning, by way of a donation. This is set at $120 per child for the year. This equates to $30 per term or $3 per week


You can claim tax credits back from making a school donation. This is 33 cents in every dollar paid. Effectively, this means if you pay $120 donation to the school you get $40 back. Follow the link to find out more.

This donation will appear on your school account – payment is voluntary.


School Ski Programme

The school offers an optional 5 week ski/snowboard programme during Term 3 each year. This is run in conjunction with Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Farm ski fields. Information on this is sent home closer to the time.



Each class uses the SeeSaw app to share your child’s work and learning directly with you. Your child’s teacher will send home a link with instructions on how to access your child’s account.



Parents need to arrange for the purchase of required books and equipment. We have found Qizzle provides the most efficient and cost effective service. Each class list is listed on the Qizzle school packs website then look under the Hāwea Flat School tab and then each individual class.

We recommend that you cover your child’s exercise books. This protects them and extends their life.  Children are expected to take pride in the presentation of their books and graffiti and writing on covers will not be tolerated.

Student Records/Information

For emergency use, the school maintains files of all pupils, addresses, telephone numbers and medical information. Should any of these change, please notify the school office. 



Daily swimming is part of the curriculum in Term 1, until the pool closes. Children are asked to bring their togs and towel each day during this time. Parent help for swimming lessons is always appreciated. Over the past couple of years we have also been able to source funds to subsidise a week of swimming lessons at the Wanaka pool during Terms 2 or 4. 


Sun Smart

Hāwea Flat School is a sun accredited school with a Sun Smart policy, which requires all children to wear hats when outside during Terms 1 and 4. These must be bucket or wide brimmed hats or a cap with a flap on the back. Children who do not wear appropriate hats must play in a set shady area.

While we do have sunscreen available for use, we encourage children to have their own in their bag.


Term Dates: 2023

Term One: 1 February – 6 April                    

Term Two: 24 April – 30 June

Term Three: 17 July – 22 September

Term Four: 9 October – 19 December 

(The final date may alter throughout the year)

Public Holidays and Staff Only days: 2023

6 February - Waitangi Day observed

6 March – Professional Development/ Teacher Only Day - School Closed

20 March - Otago Anniversary

24 April - Professional Development/ Teacher Only Day - School Closed

25 April – ANZAC day

5 June – King’s Birthday

14 July - Matariki

23 October – Labour Day



All visitors are required to sign in at the office at the beginning of their visit to the school using the VisTab sign in system at reception. This includes parents dropping off or collecting their children between 8.45am and 2.45pm. 


 Visiting Artists

When the opportunity arises, the school welcomes approaches from visiting groups as an opportunity to enrich the children culturally. Some examples include visiting drama and Kaka hapa groups. Payment for these is shared where possible, between the school and parents.



Our website can be found at


Whanau Groups

The school runs a whanau group system similar to a traditional school house-group system. On enrolment, students are placed in one of 4 whanau groups:

Hōanga - Red

Kiripaka - White

Pounamu - Green

Tūhua - Black

The whanau groups are named after the four main types of rock traditionally used or found in our area. The whanau colours reflect the colours of the rocks.

These groups provide support across year levels for our students, as well as providing opportunities for some friendly competition. Students can earn points for their whanau group by taking part in different activities and by upholding the school values.