Trips/camps are an integral part of the curriculum. There will be a variety of opportunities during your child’s time at Hāwea Flat School.

The skills the children develop during these trips/camps often cannot be gained inside a classroom and are beneficial.

Where the activity involves costs to parents, a letter will be sent home in advance in detail. Payment for school camps are required before departure, unless a payment plan has been arranged with the school. Parents are encouraged to assist with these programmes.

Often more parents than required volunteer to go on overnight camps and generally in these situations, parents are drawn ‘out of the hat’ to attend.

School Ski Programme

The school offers an optional 6 week ski/snowboard programme during Term 3 each year. This is run in conjunction with Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Farm ski fields. Information on this is sent home closer to the time.

EOTC programmes, events, activities, and experiences:

  • enhance learning, through a variety of well-designed, first-hand experiences

  • provide experiences for students that encourage awareness of the values and philosophies of the tangata whenua, and with other cultures within the school community

  • increase students' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the school area, local district, and other familiar and unfamiliar places

  • promote ecological awareness and personal responsibility towards the environment

  • develop students' skills in observation, recording, and organisation

  • help students develop self-confidence and a sense of adventure

  • assist students in their social development by placing them with others in unfamiliar situations

  • help students develop an attitude of responsibility, particularly towards their own safety and that of others

  • provide students with opportunities to work together in a group.

  • follow Ministry of Education regulations and guidelines on safety and supervision, risk management, leadership, and legal requirements

  • ensure adequate ongoing training for all staff involved in EOTC, including support staff attending approved workshops, seminars, courses and training, and assessment schemes.

EOTC programmes provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities that support your child’s learning and achievement.

These programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum.

These pages suggest ways you can assist your child’s school to maximise learning and safety during EOTC experiences.

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